We have been falling victim to it, hearing rumors about its wrath and going through it over our heads – yes, we are all scared of getting stuck in between the cybercrime circle. And when the world began to adopt cryptocurrencies, we knew, there is nothing that can stop these threats and attacks from rising.

However, this fear was answered by the launch of crypto wallets and one of them is the exclusive Solana blockchain-based, Phantom Wallet that somehow caught our attention. As you can clearly understand, crypto wallets made it safer for us to deal and trade in crypto. This wallet service offers some really exclusive traits that make us wonder, is it right to doubt its capability?

But, we are customers and we are entitled to have questions and to have the services answer them. So, we kept digging and found exclusive details that simply amazed us, and we just couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you. Reading on would help you understand the wallet service along with the download procedure and extensive details on its mobile version.

What are the must-knows of the Phantom wallet extension?
Let us begin with the fact that sometimes, people recognize the wallet service by the name Solana Wallet because it functions only on the Solana blockchain network and is the first of its kind. And of course, it is of utmost importance that the wallet service is offered to users as a browser plugin or extension, which can easily be installed, accessed and used.

It is designed with self-custody features that allow user accounts to hold the private keys and passwords making it entirely user-controlled thus, there is no interference from the Phantom Wallet authorities. It provides the ability and authority to connect Ledger wallet accounts that keep deposited crypto offline for an additional layer of protection.

Users on creating their wallet accounts would have access to all the compatible crypto variants functioning on the blockchain including the native SOL token that can be staked for generating passive earnings on the platform. And with that, you won’t have to call it just “Phantom NFT wallet” because you’d also have access to all the SOL-based variants to trade in.

Navigating you through the Phantom wallet download steps
Well, you might have understood what we’re about to cater to here, in this section. But before we go there, you need to know that a lot of people have been wondering whether the download steps are the same for every compatible browser or not. For example, you might wonder that the steps for the Phantom wallet extension Edge are different but no, every browser requires you to go through the enlisted:

Launch your default browser and get to the official wallet site.
Now, put your click on the option that reads “Download”.
A window will pop open at this moment, select “Add to browser” there.
All that’s left to do is complete the displayed prompts and finish.
Note: With that, the steps of the Phantom wallet Solana download get completed and you are now free to begin your journey with the Phantom wallet sign in steps. Because, once you acquire a Phantom wallet login account, you would have access to the exclusive world of Solana.

Have you heard about the Phantom app Solana wallet?
It is a given that mobile applications make our lives and daily tasks easier so, of course, people would be looking for an easier and quicker way of accessing and using the wallet service, which is the Phantom Wallet app. But just like the fact, it is also true that there is no application software yet that can help you use the Phantom wallet on mobile. However, you might find apps online but they would just be the fake versions.

But again, it is not possible that there is no other quicker way, right? Because we just cannot accept it. We have been coming across queries as below:

How to download Phantom wallet on iPhone;
Phantom wallet Android;
Phantom wallet on iPhone;
Phantom wallet Solana mobile;
… and so much more.
Well, we’ve got news for you! You might go to the or and find answers. Or even better, you head to the Twitter handle of the wallet service and get the beta version of the Android app that will give you a clear insight into the app experience before it is even launched.

Is Phantom wallet safe?

Well, in an exclusively active online realm, it is difficult to measure the degree of security that an online service offers. However, we can take complete accountability, when we say that the Phantom Wallet is totally safe. This highly equipped browser wallet extension functions with code that have been audited independently by one of the top software auditing firms. And as far as control of the wallet is concerned, it is a self-custody service that gives users full control of their accounts on the platform.

Does Phantom have a mobile wallet?
Our world is big on downloading application software and using their services with ultimate ease. But, the Solana Wallet, or as it is recognized, the Phantom Wallet has not yet launched theirs. That’s right, this exclusive wallet service is said to be available on the web browsers in the form of an extension or plugin. However, there have been rumors of services that the soon to come app might have. And if you really want to experience it beforehand, you can head to the service’s Twitter handle to get the beta version of the application for Android devices. Yes, there hasn’t been any news on an app or any beta version of one for the iOS devices out there, but maybe soon.

How do I withdraw money from Phantom wallet?
We thought you could use some help and guidance with withdrawing money from your Phantom Wallet account. Thus, we procured and laid down the steps that you’d have to undergo for the same:

Begin by accessing your wallet account.
Get into the SOL balance on the platform.
When you see it, place a tap on “Your Stake”.
Decide on a staking account or a validator.
Hit the “3-dot” menu, on the top-right corner.
And finish with the “Withdraw SOL” tile.
How do I add Solana to my phantom wallet?
Let us help you with filling up your Solana-based Phantom Wallet and make sure that you get it right by following the steps we enlisted for you:

Make sure you have purchased or earned the SOL token on your exchange account.
Now, check to see if your wallet account is connected to the exchange, if not, get it done.
Head into the wallet dashboard and choose anyone between “Deposit SOL” or Receive” to get access to the wallet address.
Go for “Copy”, and on the exchange platform, choose “Withdraw SOL”, paste it there and complete the transfer.

This long and descriptive read has been carefully designed and laid out to introduce you to a new wallet service that has been directed to function only on the Solana blockchain network and is known as the Phantom Wallet. We have cited exclusive details on the wallet extension along with the steps to download it to your browsers and extensive information on the wallet application service that would have the potential to deliver a better, easier and quicker user experience.